Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Board Certified Executive Coach

Trees in mist

“I can say confidently Cynthia stands side by side with the very best in her field.
She is clearly smart and well trained, but it was her humanity and compassion that made the true difference for me. Engaging me from the beginning, letting me lead the way, asking thought provoking questions without  imposing her views. She seemed to know when to push me, and when to soften. Cynthia always brought me back
to a comforting, yet intriguing emotional place within myself.
I just wish I had met her much sooner and earlier in my life!”


PSYCHOTHERAPY  Serving the Aspen Valley Area

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”



 When open dialogue and compassion meet.

We all inevitably face change, uncertainty, disappointment and loss in our lives. No matter what our circumstances: great fortune, “bad luck”, “perfect living”, our lives don’t always go as planned.  Perhaps we have an unexpected loss, an illness, a divorce, a lay off, a financial catastrophe or a general sense of dissatisfaction and malaise.  At the pace most of us live, we leave little time to reflect and converse with ourselves about what really matters in our lives.  Today’s world offers endless opportunities for “finding ourselves” with recipes for self-improvement either of which we put on the “to do list” or we find little true sustenance in these approaches. Many of us feel restless, charged or/and or exhausted, confined by situations that are too small for our curiosities, strengths and talents. Maybe we have frequent battles with self-doubt, anxiety and never “being” or doing enough.  “At normal” we find ourselves, living at a frantic pace, self-absorbed overly concerned about the opinions of others and disconnected from our larger purpose and community.


Specialized Training

•  EMDR (Eye Movement 
   Desensitization and

•  Mindfulness Meditation and
  Relaxation techniques
  (Neuropsychology research)

•  Self Development Therapy

•  Emotionally Focused Couples

•  Family Systems Therapy

Dr. Cynthia Calvin specializes
in working with people
suffering from:

• Anxiety/OCD/Phobias

• Depression

• Trauma

• Marital and relationship distress

• Broad range of social difficulties

“My mind is like a bad neighborhood.  I try not to go there by myself.”


When feelings like these become chronic, they can manifest themselves as physical health issues, growing emotional distress, and unhealthy behavioral patterns.   How do we address these expected and unexpected difficulties in a healthy way?  Dr. Calvin helps you move toward opportunity, creativity, hope, generosity and enriched relationships with clarity of values and purpose. Finding this fulfillment and support in our lives is often what brings individuals to psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy with Dr. Calvin is a mutual engagement in which both parties are open, willing to be vulnerable, to take risks within that mutual partnership. Change and healing occur as a result of this partnership.

The partnership begins with the therapist and client understanding the client’s perspective and experience and goals for change. Dr. Calvin offers trained insights, clarity of understanding, compassion, alternative perspectives and a safe place for exploration and “reality checks”.


How do I know if Cynthia is
right for me?

More than anything else, you need to feel comfortable with your chosen therapist. To see if Cynthia would be a good fit for you, start with a simple phone call to ask questions, discuss what’s troubling you, and explore how you might work together.

“Cynthia is quite truthfully the warmest and most empathetic person I have ever met. She asks questions in a gentle and insightful way- as if she knows exactly what I need to talk about at that moment in time. Then, she listens and responds with deep compassion.  With Cynthia, I know I will be heard and understood. What a gift.”