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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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“I am remarkably fortunate and honored to participate in a process that helps people become their best selves. It is vital that people feel heard and believe that what they do with their lives matters.  I am a trusted guide who provides a reference point to revitalize passions and discover our best nature. I find my passion and purpose accompanying individuals on this journey.”



“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”


Professional Approach

Since 1990 Cynthia has focused on the obstacles and solutions to optimal growth in personal and professional settings.  The hallmark of Cynthia’s approach is to provide an environment that encourages curiosity, self-reflection and perspective building.  For meaningful and lasting change to occur, the client must engage in a candid dialogue with Cynthia who can join in the process with compassion, insight and practical feedback.


Cynthia’s early work was informed by teaching Personality Assessment at the doctoral level and supervision of graduate students in clinical settings.  In the 30 years of practice, she has been an avid student of neuroscience, the beneficial effects of meditation, and studies in how people recover and change from traumatic events and long embedded habits of minds.


 As a Board Member of Colorado Women’s Psychologists, Cynthia has specialized in women’s development and empowerment personally and professionally. Cynthia has been an Expert witness in State Courts and an investigator for the Public Defender’s and District Attorney’s Offices. She has worked as a clinical psychologist in inpatient and outpatient settings and later offered leadership and team development seminars and consulting.


As an Executive Coach, Cynthia’s clientele has a global footprint and crosses a multitude of industries, cultures and generations.  At this point in her career, she primarily works with executive teams and individuals in C-Suite positions in both the public and private sectors. Organizational change, internal and external strategic alliances, mission-driven operations, and enhancement of emotional intelligence are topics of discovery and foundations for effective change in complex organizations and personal lives.


Formal Education

1983: Master’s In Clinical Psychology- Antioch University

1990 Doctorate In Clinical Psychology- University Of Denver

1994: National Registry Of Psychologists

2007: Board Certified Executive Coach

Recognized By International Coaching Federation


    Professional Affiliations

Center for Creative Leadership

American Psychological Association

Colorado Psychological Association




“I started working with Cynthia when I was at the top of my profession and, unbeknownst to me, about to hit a crossroads. As an executive coach, she has been and continues to be invaluable in my navigation of some difficult and life-changing challenges that have arisen personally and professionally. She assisted me in sifting through all the inputs, determining what is truly important and not losing sight of the bigger picture. Cynthia provides an objective and non-judgmental perspective with no hidden agenda or personal stake in the outcome. This has given me the confidence I needed to make some profound life-altering decisions that will allow me to continue to move forward (with her help!) towards a better version of myself.”